Your home's electrical system is complex and provides essential living needs for you. You could have an overhead electrical service or an underground service. We are here to ensure that no matter what type of electrical service you have it is safe, efficient and gets the care it needs.

Electrical Service

Overhead Electrical Service

We replaced a 100 amp electrical service due to problems in the electrical meter socket enclosure and the age of the wiring. We kept the service at 100A rather than upgrade to a 200A because of the standby generator system that was already installed and based on our service calculations. We can upgrade or replace your overhead electrical service and you can feel confident we will do it right and stand behind the workmanship.

Underground Electrical Service

Above is a picture of an underground electrical service. We had to replace it due to a break in the underground wiring. The underground service in most cases is owned by the property owner and in this case, it was covered by the homeowner's insurance. When you need an electrician for an underground electrical service upgrade or replacement you can feel good knowing we handle all aspects of the project.

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