24HR Emergency Service

Electrical issues happen and at times they can be considered an emergency. We provide emergency service for those times that you need an electrical issue solved and you need it now. Emergency repair calls come with a higher service rate but also put your problem front and center with top priority.

Broken Tree Branch Brought Electrical Se

If you smell something burning always call 911.

If your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors are going off, don't always assume it's a false alarm.

If you have an electrical issue that's an emergency give us a call 978-360-9592

This picture was taken at one of our emergency calls after a tree branch broke and landed on the service drop causing the point of attachment to rip from the house and the service entrance conduit and wires to bend away from home.

Customers should be aware that the power company is only responsible for the overhead wires from the street to the house.


The conduit, weatherhead, wires or cable from the point of attachment, down to the meter enclosure, including the meter box and everything thereafter, is the responsibility of the property owner.

The point of attachment is the place where the utility company attaches their wires from the street to the house. 

After Emergency Service Repair Haverhill
After Emergency Service Conduit Repair H

The 2 pictures above, are of the completed emergency service call. After we received a call from our clients we scheduled emergency service. We arrived on site, discussed some options with the customer and got approval to move forward. We then called in a material order to our supply house to make sure they had everything we needed to complete this project. We picked up the materials and got to work. We replaced the service conduit and supports, weatherhead and service conductors, and installed a new point of attachment. We called for an emergency inspection by the City of Haverhill's Electrical Inspector and they were able to come out right away and sign off on our work. After the city signs off they put a call in to the power company to let them know it is safe to reconnect service. It was now up to the utility company, in this case National Grid to install new power lines from the street to the home and make the safe connections.