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Emergency Service

What's your electrical emergency?

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We provide emergency service for electrical problems that come up. Although we'd like to be able to handle every electrical emergency that comes in, we are not always able to handle them. Emergency calls are prioritized based on whether someone is an existing customer, has a service agreement, and what the severity of the problem is. We offer 24 hour emergency service, not because someone answers the phone 24/7 or because we can handle every emergency call, but because we want the opportunity to help people when they have an electrical problem, whether that is normal business hours or after. We do our best to provide a fast response for emergencies but there are times we won't be able to handle them due to the current work load and our current manpower. We want to be upfront as a business. It's easy for businesses nowadays to say and write anything, but when it comes to standing by those words they sometimes fall short.



24 HR Emergency Service

Whole House No Power

1/2 Half House No Power

Have a downed service?


Be aware, the power company, whether National Grid, Eversource, Unitil or Municipial, is only responsible for the overhead wires from the street to the home. The conduit, weathered, wires or cable from the point of attachment, down to the meter enclosure, including the meter socket box and everything thereafter, is the responsibility of the owner.

The point of attachment is the point where the power company attaches the wires from the street to your home.


This information is important as there has been some situations where people have waited hours/days for the power company to come out, only to tell them they need an electrician to fix this before they can get power turned back on.

Tree Branch Broke Service

Burning Smell

Flickering Lights Really Bad

Power Off and On

Main Breaker Wont Reset

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