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200 Amp Electrical Service Upgrade Methuen MA.jpeg

Electrical Service

Electrical Panel

200 Amp Electrical Panel Replacement North Andover MA.jpeg

Do you need a local electrician to upgrade or replace your electrical service?

We will offer options for a service replacement or service upgrade. When you choose the solution that works best we will get the work done right and on time.

We have helped many people upgrade their electrical service. Typically your options for upgrading or replacing your electrical service are 100 amp, 200 amps, or 400A. How do you know what size service you need? Typically the electrician will perform a service calculation and take into account any future plans to size the service correctly. Typically a 200 amp service is a standard option, although a 100 amp is minimum to code. As people add electric vehicles, heat pumps and switch from gas stoves and dryers to electric, there will be some that will need a 400 amp service. Your electrical system has never been more important, so let’s work together and figure out what’s best for your home or business, for today and the future.

200 Amp Service Replacement Haverhill MA.jpeg

Electrical Service

What's offered with an electrical service upgrade replacement.

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • Power Company Work Request

  • Electrical Permit & Inspections

  • Service Disconnect & Reconnect

  • Meter Socket Enclosure & Disconnect

  • Grounding

  • ​Whole House Surge Protection

  • Code Compliance

  • Torqued Connections

  • Partial Temporary Power*

Service Replacement Haverhill MA 100 Amp.jpeg

Underground Electrical Service

We replaced a 200 amp meter socket enclosure with a combination meter socket and main breaker due to age and we were also replacing the electrical panel and adding a standby generator system to the home.

Service Upgrade 200A Haverhill MA.jpg

Overhead Electrical Service

We replaced this 100 amp service because the meter socket was corroded and was having issues with voltage drop. The power company wouldn't address the problem till the meter socket was replaced.

Your home's electrical system is complex and provides essential living needs for you. You either have an overhead electrical service or an underground service. We are here to ensure that no matter what type of electrical service you have it is safe, efficient and gets the care it needs.

Premium Electrical Panel New Home West N

Electrical Panel

What's offered with an electrical panel upgrade or replacement.

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • Electrical Permit & Inspections

  • New Mounting Board

  • New Electrical Panel

  • New Breakers

  • Circuit Tracing

  • Accurate Panel Labeling

  • Code Compliance

  • Torqued Connections

  • Old Panel Disposal

Haverhill MA Main Panel Replacement.jpeg

New 200 Amp Electrical Panel

This electrical panel was part of a new home we wired in West Newbury, MA. We built the wood isolation board and mounted the 200 amp panel which was powered with copper service conductors. We spared no expense as the builder was the owner and wanted the best.

Salem NH Main Electrical Panel Replaceme

100A Electrical Panel Replacement

Above is a 100 amp electrical panel we installed for our clients. The generator system was already existing but we had to rework part of the system. We installed a mounting board for the electrical equipment to give a nice clean look and to provide space for future equipment. This panel includes whole house surge protection which is now required by code.

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