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Appliance Wiring & Installation

We provide the wiring and installation of appliances and equipment your home needs.


We can install appliances such as a microwave, electric wall oven, stove or range, refrigerator, electric dryer, washer, window AC, electric baseboard heater and exhaust hood. When you're in need of an appliance installed give us a call!

We could also assist with the installation of a dishwasher, disposal, water heater and gas dryer, but a licensed plumber or gas fitter would also be required for the safe and correct connections.

Some installations require 2 people which we can provide (not including a licensed plumber or gas fitter), but we typically send out 1 person per job, please let us know if you require appliance installation so we can serve you better and faster.


We provide wiring for the appliance and equipment circuits your home needs. Some appliances such as a microwave or refrigerator usually only require a dedicated circuit and outlet and will typically already have a cord attached. Some appliances such as a dishwasher, disposal or electric dryer usually require a dedicated circuit, an outlet and a cord installed.

When purchasing an electric dryer or stove you may be asked whether you have a 4-wire or 3-wire outlet. If you have a 3-wire attachment in your home, most appliances will work fine and will require a 3-wire cord. Current code requires a 4-wire outlet and cord for new installations, if a 3-wire outlet is existing you are usually considered grandfathered in. A 4-wire set up is the safest and current code.

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