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Circuit Breakers

What are circuit breakers and why do I need them?

Circuit breakers, whether for a home or business are installed to provide protection of the wiring of a circuit from damage caused by many different factors. Circuit breakers for homes and commercial businesses come in multiple different styles, brands and sizes.


Most people that haven't had recent electrical upgrades will find that they have basic circuit breakers which offer the least amount of protection. These types of breakers protect against overload and short circuits. Some people that have had recent electrical upgrades may find that they have arc fault, ground fault or a combination of the two types as their circuit breakers, which are the safest breakers for a home. Homes being rewired or new homes being built today will surely have the arc fault and ground fault circuit protection as current codes require it, if not for all the circuits then a large number of them.

What We Do

You may never think about the breakers in your home or business, but a day may come when a breaker becomes a problem in your life and when that happens you need an electrician who cares about making the problem go away and about making the repair safe and code compliant. You need an electrician that you can trust to do the right thing, someone that doesn't cut corners, and who values the safety of others. Steven M Parker Electric wants to be your electrician and wants to solve your breaker tripping problems or other circuit issues. For a better service call us today 978-360-9592.

We have replaced many circuit breakers in our years and plan to upgrade many more. When you have a breaker tripping, get in touch with us and we will make your problem disappear and leave your home safer than when we arrived.


If you have any of the electrical panels or breakers listed below we strongly suggest getting it replaced by a licensed and qualified electrician. Replacing parts that some technicians may offer is NOT recommended.

- Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)

- Zinsco & Sylvania

These panels and breakers fail to provide the minimum protection for home wiring. The breakers fail to trip during an overload or short circuit and the problem can lead to fires or shock hazards.

We also encourage the replacement of Pushmatic panels and fuse boxes but not because of major safety concerns but because they are obsolete and safety protection can't be added to them.

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