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House Generator System

Stationary & Automatic

Portable & Manual

We can get your generator system connected to your home safely and timely.

I think it's fair to say that everyone at some point in their life will lose power. By landing on this page, I'm going to assume you have lost power in the past and didn't enjoy the experience. My question to you would be, do you lose power frequently or do you hardly ever lose power? If you lose power a lot and could live without the constant annoyance then a standby generator is probably the best investment for you. If you hardly ever lose power and just want something for emergencies, and don't mind manually testing it and refueling often then a portable generator system is probably a good fit for you.

Standby generators are completely automated. When you lose power, just continue on living, and your power will be back in a few seconds. The nice thing about automatic generators, other than having power when your utility fails, is the weekly automatic tests it performs and the automated fuel supply. Due to standby generators being automatic, code requires they be sized as if they were their own electrical service. Typically when we install an automatic generator system, we don't have it control the entire house, and instead install a transfer panel that we install selected circuits into. There are situations where a customer wants the whole home powered and that can be achieved as well by getting a large generator or the use of smart management modules.

Portable generators are manual and most that we supply come with an electric start. When you lose power there are a list of steps that must be taken by you to get backup power to your home. 

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