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Do you want an electrician who will go out of their way for you? Do you want a higher quality electrical project? How about a electrician who is organized, affordable and thorough? Maybe you'd like to hear what others have had to say after working with us.

We want to be open about how people feel about us and we will make it our mission to post every review from real customers we receive, good or bad. Hearing good things is nice, and we think we provide the best electrician service in MA and NH, but if a client has a different opinion, we are going to listen and see things from their point of view and work on fixing it. We aren't going to hide the review, and wish it never happened, it will just be another building block to our amazing service.

If you have feedback for us please contact us. If you've used us before and haven't already left us a review please leave us a review. Check out our reviews below which are from Google, Yelp, Facebook and Nicejob and a few other sources. When you're ready to move forward with an electrician who doesn't quit call us or fill out a work request.

What do people think about working with us?

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